Dear partners,
We are pleased to inform you of interesting news from our company AGTsoftware. We are proud to present you our latest development - the new game ALIENS!
We have put a lot of effort and resources into creating a game that promises to be unique and exciting. Our team of talented enthusiasts, designers and marketers worked on the project. The Game has created unique characters and animations.
To check out the new game, go to


Rembrandt van Rijn

The AGTsoftware team is pleased to present a new game to players Rembrandt van Rijn.
The game immerses the player in the work of the great master. To create the game we have used 3 works of the master. We have chosen a unique 3x2 format. This format allows for maximum enjoyment during the game. The launch of the game is realized in an interesting way.
You can start the game at



AGTsoftware team is happy to announce the release of a new game.
Our team has long been deciding how to improve our games for mobile devices. We are ready to offer our new game Jewels. The uniqueness of the game is in the 8x5 mathematics. This ratio allows you to play comfortably on your smartphone filling the whole screen with the game. Mathematics allows you to get new and unique winning lines, which adds excitement to the game.
You can read the game by following the link


100 Games

The AGT team informs all our partners and customers. We have 100 games in our portfolio!


Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The AGT team is pleased to present a new game of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
The game is dedicated to the work of the great master. This time, our team paid special attention to the moment of launching the game, in which the change of paintings takes place. We have managed to make a very interesting transition. Players will be interesting to watch the spin itself and of course the result, which will please.
Play and win with AGT. The game is from the link


Claude Monet

The AGT software team is pleased to present a new game in the artists series. This time for the game we turned to the works of Claude Monet.
The game is unique in its playing field, which is 2x2 in size. This size allows the player to often collect paintings of the master as a whole. Adds excitement to the game and a portrait of the master, which appears in one of the fields and gives the player 10 freegames.
Watch the game at


Peter Paul Rubens

The AGT team has created a new game for all Peter Paul Rubens. This is another game in the Artists series. The main advantage of this game is simplicity. The game has only 4 fields (2x2), so it's easy to collect the picture. There are 3 masterpieces of the master: The Garden of Love, Peter Paul Rubens, The Three Graces. The game attracts its colorfulness and unique music. You can try the new game at or from our partners.



The Agtsoftware team continues the series of great artists' games.
We are pleased to present you the game Munch . The game is dedicated to the work of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.
The game offers to collect paintings of the artist. We used the most famous 4 paintings of the artist: The scream, Madonna, Summer Night, Evening on Karl Johan Street. Adds excitement to the portrait of the artist, which appears on any cell and provides 10 free games. Get new emotions with AGTsoftware. The game at the link

Get the first chance !!!



The Agtsoftware team has a new surprise for you.
We are pleased to present the game Vermeer. The game is dedicated to the work of Jan Vermeer van Delft, a Dutch artist.
The game appeals with its simplicity. With only 9 squares you can collect the artist's paintings as often as possible. A picture brings both good winnings and aesthetic pleasure. We have used only 3 of the artist's paintings: The Art of Painting, Gril with a Pearl Earring, The Milkmaid.
New game via link Hurry up first!!


Klimt game

The AGTsoftware team is pleased to present the third game in the Great Artists series. This time we present the works of the great Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. It took us a long time to choose his works for the game. We chose five of his works: Judich, Country garden, Emilie Floge, Medicine and The Kiss. All of them are very bright and unique. It will be interesting for the user to collect them during the game. We have added the artist himself to the game. He appears at random and gives 10 free games. The game is filled with bright colours and lets you enjoy both the process and the visuals of collecting the pictures.
Play the new Klimt game at or at our partner sites!


Extraspin II

The AGTsoftware Team is pleased to present the new game Extra spin II. This game will be of interest to all players who have already enjoyed our Extra Spin games. The new game will allow to diversify the players' experience and bring new interesting moments to the game. You can start the game by going to



Are you passionate about art? Familiar with the work of Katsushika Hokusai? The AGTsoftware team, inspired by the work of this great Japanese artist-engraver, is pleased to present a new game called Hokusai. In it, the player will collect great paintings and engravings such as The Great Wawe off Kanagawa, Flowers, Lily, Peonies and Canary. As an added bonus, the game will feature the master himself, Katsushika Hokusai, which will bring 10 freespins. Each spin can bring winnings and a collected painting of the master. You can try the game at

 The AGT team wishes everyone good luck in the Game!!!


New languages

AGTsoftware is pleased to announce that we have added new languages to our games: Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese. New languages expand the possibilities for our partners. Language can be selected in the game menu.


Van Gogh

The AGTsoftware team was inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh. We are ready to offer a new Van Gogh game. In this game the user will find new emotions that you get when putting together a puzzle of paintings of a great artist. We can talk about a new game, but it is better to see it once. We invite you to get new emotions with the new game.


Telegram bot

AGTsoftware team is pleased to present you a new unique development of Telegram bot @Agtsoftwarebot.
New conditions in which people are spending more and more time in social networks set us new challenges. Now you can enjoy our games in Telegram! You only have to subscribe to our bot @Agtsoftwarebot.



The AGTsoftware team is pleased to offer new features in our multiplayer game ToTheMoon. The player can now choose the rendition of the game. If he likes romance, we have prepared a visualization of Cupid. For those who love the sky, we prepared Plane. And we have not neglected the Father Christmas theme. As they say, it's always better to try it yourself, so follow this link.



The AGT team presents a new game! ToTheMoon is a new kind of multiplayer game. All participants participate in a round at the same time. The round represents the rise of the bitcoin curve (odds). It is up to the participant to decide which coefficient to stop at. The total rise can stop at any time. The uniqueness of the game is that the participant can choose the visualisation, which can be a bitcoin or Father Christmas on a reindeer cart, who scatters presents. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Go to Try, play and win the new game, catch your luck by the tail.


ICE London 2022 - Welcome to the World’s Gaming Innovation Showcase

ICE London reopens its doors to the largest global gathering of gaming operators in Europe. looks forward to welcoming you to the Stand: N4-302 on 12-14 April 2022 at ExCeL London and present products that meet the highest modern software requirements and is focused on meeting the needs and wishes of all participants in the gambling process.


Another new game Rock Paper Scissors was released by AGTsoftware

A new and absolutely unusual game Rock Paper Scissors has been added to the collection and has become the 90th in our portfolio. We bet it will become popular immediately! The Rock Paper Scissors, with stylish and high-quality graphics, will appeal to both those who enjoy the process and the riskiest players. With these simple rules, the game has many variations. The player himself chooses the number of hands (3-6) and on which outcome he will bet. Almost a win-win option - "win and draw", great chances - "win" or incredibly exciting - "absolute win" x234! A wide range of coefficients makes the game even more exciting and fun. The game is already available here.

img have released a new unique game Spinner.

Bright, stylish, modern - this game with simple rules and colorful graphics will appeal to all fans of slot machines and arcade games. Rock, scissors, paper, everyone knows the rules from childhood. It has three possible outcomes: a draw, a win, a loss. Take a chance and bet on a win - get x2.9 or increase your chances of winning and bet on both draw x1 and win x1.9. Choose yourself and win!


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